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Jpaulson- thanks for the words of encouragement! As for being employed there, I have tried, time and again (for 3 yrs.) to get a job there to no avail. If it comes to it, I will assist them free of charge; I'm not in this for the money. (It would be a nice bonus though since I am currently a full-time, unemployed student trying to validate her federal non-profit status!) I recieved no offers the other day, but I plan to keep trying.

I won't have an update to give you guys until Tues. (I'm making a surprise appearance!) and I will be sending another letter to the coorporate office letting them know how this particular store is doing. I swear if I find one animal back on display that isn't already doing better I'll keep complaining until something is done, and this time I'll call humane animal services. Keep up your words of support, and if anyone else is making a difference I wanna hear about it! Check in on Tues. and I'll tell you what I've found! Thanks again guys, you all are wonderful!
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