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Yeah, some of the stuff Jeff says is to the point and seems like an insult, when it really isn't at all.

I have a cat story too - when I was away for a day my cats got into my room (my door doesnt close, it just wedges into the doorway, so it isnt that solid) and jumped on my desk and knocked a 15gal plastic critter keeper over. Inside it were 2 baby veileds. I found one of them under a pillow, he seemed okay but was dead by morning. The second I didn't think I'd ever find, but I did a few hours later walking on my blanket. He survived just fine.

I was pretty miserable for a while, I really wanted to shoot myself. The cat responsible for it is gone - mostly because of my dad's allergies. She now lives with a nice old lady who thinks that cats can talk to her. My other cat, sushi, is too fat to hurt anything and is very good at finding things for me. I found the other chameleon because I was her sniffing at it, and last night she helped my find my escaped CRB.

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