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So sorry to hear about that Emily -- but it's great that Hamlet seems to be doing well, and should be back home soon.

I don't even use screen lids anymore in places where the cats can get to... I've already had one bad experience, and close to a second one. When I still lived in Toronto, I was living with my (now ex) boyfriend in his parents basement, with our 2 cats. Our bedroom was where all the herps were -- one night I woke up in the middle of the night, not really sure why... only to look across the room and see my cat (my extremely FAT cat might I add) sitting on top of my crested gecko's tank. I literally jumped across the room and whacked him off of there --- my heart sank when I saw the screen collapsed into the tank. I figured that my crestie would be gone for sure -- it was a tall tank, but that doesn't mean anything to a gecko that can climb walls. And I was sure that I would never find her again, because that basement had crap everywhere... I went and turned on the lights, expecting the worst -- only to see my little baby cowering in a corner of her tank. My heart finally started beating again, and ohhhhh was I ever mad at that cat. Had to rig up a temporary lid for one of the leo tanks (I borrowed the lid from a leo tank the same size -- it's not like they can climb the walls and get out), because being the middle of the night, there was no way to get a new lid... and even after I got a new lid, I was still waking up paranoid several times a night, and while falling asleep bolting upright in bed at the slightest noise from that side of the room...
The more recent incident (which thankfully never went far enough to be dangerous) involves my ball python -- he's in my bedroom in the new apartment, in his new 25 gallon tank -- which I had gotten used, and it came with a screen lid. I was a little iffy about using this lid anyways, I didn't feel that it was secure enough to keep Xander in -- and after I caught my cat sitting on top of it a couple of times right after we moved in, that was the final straw. No way was a taking a chance of the big fat idiot falling in there and my snake getting out -- so I went out and bought one of those black wire lids, the kind that are really secure -- and can definitely take the weight of my fat cat if he ever jumps up there (which he has done several times). I'm going to have to start the old squirt bottle trick again I think...

Don't get me wrong though, I love my cats to pieces... can't imagine life without them. They just drive me nuts sometimes.
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