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That sucks... Why don't you have my cat? she goes in my room all the time... stays AWAY from the herps though. she is afraid of every animal in their after my hissing roaches hissed at her, haha! I once thought it would be fun to let her chase this GIANT cricket around, so I took it out of the cage, and tossed it infront of her... she let out this really loud RAAAUUUUUWWW! and SPRINTED away so fast... I have never seen a cat so scared, except when she came up when I was handling my bearded dragon... his beard puffs out, but since the door was closed for some reason, she couldn't get out of the room, and she was jsut ran into the corner and backed up against the wall... It was funny!
But, she is a nice cat...
So sorry about what happend...
Dan Conner
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