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I have been away on business for a week, so I am trying to get caught up with everything--forgive me if some of my comments here were already spoken.

Samba, congrats go to you for the efforts you are putting forth. They are truly needed in this field of hobby. Although I did not read word for word of your posts, I did see something about getting employed there. I hope that you at some point insist on payment for what you are doing. Although it may not be a big deal to you, if these stores learn that they can get free help, then they will not try to change the way they do business.

I saw that Nightcrawler has been banned--good job!! Even saying yes or no to a particular store would of been wrong. These stores are often times owned by franchisees--therefore it is THEIR business--not corporate. Although as a franchisee you are required to abide by corporate rules, many find loop holes in the system. It also must be pointed out that not all of any given store chains keep such uninformed and deplorable conditions. By speaking the name of one or two stores that may be this horrid, it hurts ALL of them, including the ones that truly care for their animals.

The real problem here is that most of these store chains do not cater to the reptile hobbyist as much as they should. Business-wise, most of their room is catered to dogs and cats, as they are the most popular pets in trade now. Usually, there is only one or two isles for reptile supplies, and very few live pets. Until the need for more space is expressed and shown to be a good business decision, these problems will continue. We can do our part by mentioning this every time we go there. If they have 50 people a week asking for reptiles, they are more apt to do something versus 5 people a week. With higher demand comes more skilled employees in reptiles. The reptiles are taken better care of, we have more choices in where we do business, and the stores make money. All in all, everyone wins!!
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