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I'm so sory to hear about your snake and wish the best for him. And i think most of us know what its like for a cat to destroy everything. I love cats they are my favorite mammal. But like you i do have a bad story about one but thankfully nothing happend ( or eles my boyfriend might have killed that cat.)

We live in the basement of his moms house and her boyfriend moved in and brought ekkkk his cat. Well someone (one of my boyfriends younger siblings) left the basement door open and guess who came down to explore. Needless to say it was a good thing my boyfriend got home when he did or else we probly wouldn't have a house right now. He walked it to find the 75 gallon enclosure we have for our leos a mess, the hides were all messed up the screen lid and one of the heat lamps and the flouresent fixture inside the cage, and a 150 watt (turned on) heat lamp sitting right on the couch. That cat got so lucky my boyfriend didn't find him before his moms boyfriend got home he was on a mission to search and destroy. LOL. i showed up abound 20 min. later he left everything the way it was except for the heat lamp on the couch. So i could see what the cat had done. I tore into that cage as fast as possible to see if any of my babies were gone. I was truely afraid of what i would have done to that cat if i would have found any of them missing. (and i love cats) but i was really pissed off. but it all ended ok and now we always make sure that door is closed.

some of us may have stories similar to yours so your not alone and from someone that has experinced a possible disaster from a feline. I truely wish you the best. And please keep us updated on his recovery.

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