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I too have a cat story to tell. I bought 3 bearded dragons from Gold COast Bearded Dragons and 2 were 2 months old and the other was 3 weeks old. I got them the day before a reptile show and so they lived in temporary rubbermaids till their new home was actually home and setup. After the show I had no one to help me lift the cage upstairs so they had to stay in the rubbermaids for a couple of day. I kept them in the computer room with the door closed so the cat couldn't get in and when I leave the room I would always check to make sure the cat wasn't in there. Well one day I was sure the cat wasn't in there and too late to check so I closed the door and left for work. The cat was in there and decided to use the small baby as a chew toy. Needless to say the poor baby died and I lost a $300 US Bearded dragon. I couldn't blame the cat as it is their instinct to be curious and hunt, but man was I mad at myself for letting it happen.

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