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Before I go about telling you what I would do... let me ask you this: In your state/city/country/etc. do you need permits to keep certain species (like the hognose?)? If you do need them and don't have them I would say stash the pets. If you don't need the permits then I would casually ask the manager what he thinks about small (?) caged reptiles. As long as they aren't banned in the complex or pose a danger to anyone, I wouldn't foresee a problem. However, you know your landlord better than any of us, and it sounds like you're worried.

It would be easy to say get rid of you pets for awhile and bring them back after inspection... but think of this: What if, God forbid, in the future a fire or something should happen? You would want the first person notifyed (your landlord) to be aware of the pets in the place if you aren't around or available.

Secondly, if one escapes and is found, you want to make sure it gets returned to you and not sent to be euthenized. Another thing: being a brave herp representative for the rest of us shows you aren't ashamed of your pets and can be confident in your caring for them!

I went through a similar process with my landlord awhile back, and after she found out about the reptiles, she actually liked them! However I realize not everyone will appreciate their beauty, intelligence and out-going nature! (j/k)

In your situation this is what I'd do: keep the small, cute snakes around and choose which ones (and probably the monitor) to hide at a friend or family member's house. Then, with enough warning I would phone the landlord and casually say something like, "Hi, I just wanted to give a little forewarning before the inspection on such-and-such date, that I have a few small, caged reptiles as pets and I didn't want anyone to be frightened."

If you don't own any cats or dogs, you can tell your landlord that you keep reptiles because they are hypoallergenic (excuse my spelling... it's like 4am here!) If you do own cats or dogs... stash the,! JK!

Good Luck, and please update us after the inspection on Wed.!!!!
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