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Emily... sorry to hear about your mishap... but remember it could've been a lot worse, A LOT!

A few years ago my boyfriend took in a cat that had been abandoned by our neighbors. I was okay with this because I love all animals, and our reptiles were always locked in a bedroom, (this is when I might add we stayed in a one-bedroom apartment and slept in the living room!)

Well as time went by we moved out and eventually landed in a studio for awhile. We, of course, took our zoo with us. For months we were careful about having someone watch the cat and reptiles at ALL TIMES. One night while I was working, he was supposed to be up watching the animals as usual (let me say that the cat never showed the slightest interest in our reptiles before) and I guess he fell asleep watching T.V. When I came home that morning I went to check on my 'children'.

I first noticed on approaching the leopard gecko tank that my boxer shorts were in there!! It was unusual, but not uncommon for one us to do that to give the geckos something to explore (Hey, they were clean!) On second notice I saw that the screen mesh on top of the tank had been RIPPED up from one corner and my heart SANK.

When I took everything out I discovered my male hi-yellow leopard gecko cowering in the corner. He appeared fine, but was very frightened. I never did find his sister, and one can assume that the cat got to her. It always makes a reptile owner feel shamefully stupid when something like this happens, and needless to say I booted the cat and the boyfriend for awhile. (The cat has a new home now). Cats are now banned from our household as a precaution.

You have a lot to be thankful for, and might I add, give your parents some credit! You are lucky they support what you like, and are sympathetic enough to rush your snake to the vet, as well as foot the bills. My parents would NEVER do that! I'm glad to hear the snake will be fine; and even though the cost will take months to repay be thankful that things weren't worse. There will always be more reptile shows coming and going!

Keep us updated on the snake's condition, I wish you the best of luck!
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