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STUPID STUPID STUPID CAT! *breaks out into tears*

Okay...first things first, I wish that I could dip my cat into a vat of boiling acid. Why? Heres why:<br>
Last night was a warm night and so I had my windows wide open for the sir to come in. It was 28 degrees outside so my herps would be fine. Now, whenever I go to sleep, I put my cat ouside (unless its winter) so that she wont get to my herps. Well there's a lilac tree in front of my window which stretches up to my room. And my cat climbed it to get into my room. Luckily, I have screens on my windows so that mosquitos and cats can't get through but I guess I was wrong because that stupid cat ripped them open and silently crawled inside. I was sleeping, it was maybe 1:00 a.m. and then I here *CRASH SHATTER BANG!* I jump up to see what happened and there is my cornsnake enclosure lying on the ground in PIECES which my cat knocked down. She of course was frightened and ran away. There is a huge puddle of water all over my wood floor from the snake's soaking bowl too but I run to see if my sweet little Hamlet is ok. He's not. There is a piece of glass going through his skin and he is squirming in pain. I rush to wake my parents up and drive him to emergency. They take the glass out but have to keep him for another week until he is safe enough to come home. STUPID CAT! They say that he is definatly going to be alright and shouldn't even be left with a scar. Thank god!!! They also said that it will cost me around $200-$400 in vet bills. Not only that but I also have to replace the screen which can cost up to $50 and replace Hamlet's enclosure, water bowl, and his two clay pot hiding pots which shattered too which will cost me around another $50+. So that means that when I go to the show in september, I won't be able to buy anything at all since I will be owing my parents $400 at least and I will only be able to go for the people. That also means no new herps for another year since I already owe my parents $500 from my gecko and another cat accident, which I'm not even going to bother explaining. That stupid ****ing cat!!!!! :skull:
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