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Unhappy Uh-Oh!!

Who knew my poll about landlords would be prophetic?

My landlord left a note on my door today that all the apartments in my building will be entered and inspected next Wednesday. I will be away that day. I have seven snakes and a monitor in my apartment right now, and my landlord has no idea. Cats are allowed.

Option #1 - Move all the snakes out, except for the two BPs, who are in cages too large to move. Two BPs aren't that bad, and I think they wouldn't have a problem with them. They are in nice, clean, neat Boaphile cages.

Option #2 - Move everyone into my brand new Boaphile rack (which is also clean and neat looking, with only one electrical cord coming out the back). Leave everyone in the apartment. The cages wouldn't take up very much space and would look nice.

Option #3 - Do everything in option 2, and also call the landlord's office and tell them that there are a few snakes in the apartment. Tell them I didn't want to surprise them, or scare a snake-phobic employee, so I thought they should know ahead of time. Answer any questions they have.

Ok, what do you guys think? I only have a few days to decide.

- Victoria :w
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