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Thank you all for your encouragment and support! I know it only takes a second to write a response, but the issue behind this post stands true to all herpers' hearts.

I met with the district manager today, who told me right off hand that he didn't know much about reptiles, and wasn't able to recognize problems with them until I pointed them out. He remained fairly quiet while I talked to his 'reptile specialist'. We disagreed about some things (i.e. that bark is a good substrate for young leopard geckos - yeah right!), but I told the manager if he needed to verify any information he could go to this site and check it out!!!

I really expected that when I got there, the store would have the sick and dying animals 'put away' but to my surprise, many were still on display. There was a sick, dehydrated baby iguana; a young water dragon who was gaping and suffering from mouth rot; about a million baby leopard geckos in terrible to 'okay' shape; four large amevias inside a cramped 5 gallon cage (two males repeatedly mated with a single female, and another female in the cage was already gravid and hiding). There were other animals who just needed a little help but these were the worst cases. The reptile specialist agreed to take the sick animals off display and consult a vet regarding their treatment. After lecturing for about 2 hours, I finally felt they understood that it was a serious issue enough to look into. Like many of you have mentioned, I told the store they can increase profits by taking better care of their animals. I left feeling somewhat like I had been a nusiance, but I told them I'd be back. I will send an update to the coorporate office in a few days, and stay on top of the issue until it is satisfactory. The best part was watching some of the animals being separated and taken into the back where they can rest and gain strength. I will keep posting updates on here, and I really want you guys to do the same if there is a problem pet store in your area. If we all made it clear these animals deserve to be treated with the care and attention that cats and dogs recieve we can get some of these places to change. Thank you for reading my posts and telling me your thoughts and opinions. More updates will arrive soon!
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