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Originally posted by Night_Crawler
Yes, but I also said it wast just me. Sorry but if you can't realize that then your stupid. That is just dumb anywayz i said i didt have alot of time but i had enough. If your going to post i plz ask that you read the enitre post before you critisize. I have other people that are willing to help and have the support of others, I do not know how mant times I have posted and reposted this so get over it if you insist of critisizes me then find a new subject.
Alright, so you think you can get others to do all the work for you? What, your going to give the other people the hard stuff while you care for a Python that wont eat? I dont know you personally but I think this sounds like a seriously pathetic plea for more animals for you. And I, myself, dont know how many times Ive seen thing along the lines of 'You dunno what your getting urself into" and you still wont pay any attention. And if you really think you can pull this off, IMHO Your the stupid one. Wake up. (I know that seemed rude, But I needed to get that out.)
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