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Brad, try not to take what people are saying personally, they are seriously just trying to help you. I am not going to scold you or put down your ideas, because your intentions are good and everything, but this kind of thing takes alot of planning. I would suggest you get your parents involved if you are seriously planning on opening something like this. I would enroll in a venomous reptile program / course which i am sure they offer in your state, where you can get some knowledge about venomous snakes and reptiles and maybe even some hands on experience. Contact the owners of venomous reptiles in texas and ask them if you can come by or something of the nature. Being in Texas you are going to get ALOT of venomous stuff and like people said, you cant turn it away. So get your parents involved, tell them your ideas and maybe they will help you with your venture... Take what people are telling you here into consideration instead of taking it as a personal attack, because what they are telling you is the truth! is offline  
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