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Rough green snakes are too delicate to be handled other than for cleaning. The rough green will probably get less stressed if you handle it less. In my opinion, they are strictly display snakes. You also said it was bad to buy animals on impulse but you already stated you are getting another snake. Enjoy what you've got and do you best with the time you have. It sounds like your lifestyle is not fit to care for any more herps properly, therefore, don't get anymore. As for a lizard you can handle, a leopard gecko is about all I'd recommend for you although I really wouldn't even recommend that given what I have read from you so far. but they are hardy, relatively easy to care for and tame easily, and also don't mind if you don't have time to handle them for a few days. However, if you don't have time to handle them, you probably don't have time to feed them either so.....

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