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I have problems with a cetain pet store chain around my house. They have always had diseased, sick,dying,and or dead fish, anphibians, and reptiles laying in or around cages. The only departments that are acctually good are the birds and sometimes the small animals i.e. the rodents. I have compalined and tryied to get a job at that one store because i wanted to take care of there sickly animals, and its that one store in the whole chain thats bad. Atleast thay house same type with same type but seperate the sizes in the reptiles, but you always see dried up lizards or snakes in the cage with the live ones. Even with the anphibians. There are always too many crix w/ the lizards and anphibians, and the snakes dont get enough food or water. But they dont care wat one kid thats 16 is saying. And the other large chain wont let me buy live animals from them cuz im not 18 and dont have an adult with me. Ive found private pet stores take care of there animals better in my opinion. But the one im talking about is a 15 minute drive from my house and not a two min. one.
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