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Brad, you obvously haven't read what Zoe or I typed. As for other people saying they're willing to help, well people are always saying they are willing to help until they find out that they're going to actually be expected to work for free or spend money, or that they may have to do it when it's inconvienent to them. Not to mention being a minor YOU will more then likely need parental consent. Do your parents want to pay out the funds needed for housing, feeding and care? Oh wait, people said they will help. well unless you see money up front don't count on it when you come asking for $600 for a vet bill. You still haven't covered the topics of insurance, liability and handling. Have your helpful people ever wrestled with an aligator or reticulated? What do they do when they come across a venomous animal? Shoot it?

Have you even talked to anyone runnning a rescue? There's a few people on this site that can tell you exactly what's involved. Or you can visit and talk to the people that run that rescue. Ask them how many hours they put into the business after they come home from their full time job. And that's with the help of others.

Resorting to name calling when you aren't able to respond to questions isn't going to get you anywhere.

Another question, have you ever had to medicate a reptile? What did it have and what did you give it? How big a does did you give it? These are things you will need to do while running a rescue, and trust me, you won't want to get your "unqualified vet to do it for you, those fees will eat into a few months supply of food for a couple dozen animals.

Are you ready to pay for an 800 # for people to phone to say "i've got these reptiles that i don't want, come get them or they're going on the bbq".

Usually when you open a business you find out what's involved first, then do the things you need to do to open the business such as get licenseing, tools and experience, then you open up your doors.

Get the experience you need first and when you can support not only your self but a business too, then start taking in rescues.

As for everyone jumping on your back, it is because of what's at stake here. This isn't you trying to set up a landscaping business with your dad's electric mower, there's animals involved here. You obviously haven't thought hard about it if your answer to everything is "People say they they will help". Most peoples idea of help will be to the extent of saying "hey i know this guy who want snakes".

Before responding take an hour and do nothing but think about each one of the points everyone has brought up.
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