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I never said I did't have time to handle my reptiles what i said is I didt have alot of time. Would you rather let all the animals suffer and die then get what help they can, honestly I'm not trying to be an archangel here but something has to be dont you havew no idea how mad the animal rescourse here is. On the site it clearly states we assept most, most meens not all anything we can't handle we will simply recomend them to somone you can help. Anf you really think there are animal contol laws, there are peopel I know of that live right outside town that have lions, tigers, & bears quite literly and have no liscense and no-one has evr said anything to them. My family is half the law in the town. You dont need rehab or any of that stuff its not a have to. Those laws that prohibit exotic animals only effect the city limits. Also no permit is required go ask almost any founder of a shelter I've asked many of them and theve all told me the same thing yopu need no liscenses or permits. Those frinds that did that to the snake I havet talk to sice and know these people have never even mett those people. I wast hopping around to collect anything the RSRU was about 4 months ago dude i just said it wast as badd as people said it was and its not without it the Rattlesnake population would grow to high and pose a threat to society[as if it does'nt alredy]. I may not have thought of all the deatils but I will and with my frinds help I ccan do anything.
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