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.. Wouldn't he need a rehab. premit and don't the process include having a qualified vet, Proper check ups of housing and vet care? Also, Texas laws ARTICLE VII
PROHIBITED AND EXOTIC ANIMALS Section 7.01 Definition of Prohibited Animals
8. Order Proboscidea (elephants);
Plus I'm sure you'd need USDI/A permits to keep them. Plus Zoning doesn't exclude land ownership. If it disturbs other people that are willing to fight then you're in for more than you can handle, most likely. Do rehab permits exclude Falconry, Import/export and CITES papers? Just a little thing one running a shelter might come across. Plus I'm sure you will use a different building (possibly a new built one) and if so I think you will have to register a new building to the city ordinence and tax commission. Or something of the sort..
The thing is, just because you own your land don't mean you are free to do as you pleaseand are you physically ready for this?
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