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Samba, that's awesome!!! Way to go!!!

I had an excellent relationship with a district manager for one of the chain petstores and it actually broke my heart when I moved out of that area because after a few years of slowly working with him we were able to come to some compromises we both could live with.

Eventually the store stopped selling "fragile" species like iguanas and treefrogs because this manager realized that they were not able to keep the animals in proper caging in a cost-effective manner and it would be better to devoting their caging space to animals that required less from his staff. Once they stopped mixing species and ordered smaller but more frequent livestock deliveries their mortality rate went down which means they had more animals available for sale.

They started selling more cornsnakes, leopard geckos and firebellied toads as the caging was clean, bright and attractive which showed them off to best advantage and had fewer returns because of sick and dead animals so their profits increased. Concentrating on animals they could keep clean and healthy without blowing their budget on salad foods and constantly cleaning up after frequent poopers helped both staff and animals.

I would send frequent emails to the corporate office praising the store and that district manager for their hard work in improving conditions and basically sucking up unashamedly for the good of the animals. That really helped to solidify the good working relationship I had with this manager.

I found it to be a very good angle to show them how to get the biggest bang from the caging space they had available while protecting the health of the animals. It did take years working with this manager and a few calls to animal control to have the officers back me up on humane conditions for the animals but I found the work to be well worth it.

I admire you for working with the management at the store in your area and hope you can form a productive partnership as well. It's very rewarding when things like that happen. I've been in my new home for somewhat less than a year and am still trying to form such a good relationship with pet store owners and managers in my new area.
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