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Just to shed some light on your idea. As for opening a shelter that you and some of your buddies will run, is this the same group of friends that mangled the corn and smoked the blood?
A week ago, you were all hopping to round up and slaughter thousands of rattle snakes, you have an out of control baby iggy, and you have absolutely no time on your hands. But suddenly, you have all the time and resourses to open a rescue shelter? Never going to happen.
To begin with, you need a business license, access and training for dispensing meds, loads of money to build this said shelter, and yes, you will have to find more time to find people to give the shelter donations. Shelters are run soley 99.9% of the time on public donations. Do you have any of this all planned out?
I think you should hang onto your idea, and get some education and experience in herpetology first before you try and open a shelter that is destined for failure. There are many shelters in your area, so why don't you spend the next two years or so volunteering at one of those first, and if you still feel that your shelter idea is still an interest of yours then, well go for it.
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