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I agree with Zoe ..........I just read a post last night and you said you had no time for handeling you reptiles. And now one day later you seem to have all the time in the world. Your idea is a thoughtfull one but like Zoe said it take's Money,and the capability to care for these animals. What about all the equipment that you will need and the knowlage of a vet to give the care that some of these animals will need. This idea you have is not something you wake up to and say "hay" i'm going to open a shelter. Think about it I have been around reptile's for a very long time and keep many large snake's even a few Venomous snake's. And yet there is still alot i need to learn and have help with you said you need help on how to tame down you little Iguana. Well if you need help for something like that how in the world would you help a 25 ft mean as hell Retic or others like Zoe said. The bottom line is i think you should really think about this a bit longer and harder. I don't mean to slam you in all of your post's but you bring it on your self with what you put in your post's I hope with what every one has told you in this post that you will get the point and see that maybe you should think of the thing's that was mentioned.
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