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So you really think you have the time, money and capability to take care of hawks with broken wings, 25ft mean-as-hell retics with RIs and shed problems, a giant rattler with mouthrot, even starving lions with serious mange? To train animals so they can be released into the wild?

This is a big thing you're attempting start - it's NOT something you can do half-assed then drop a month later when you get bored or broke. Not only are animals depending on you, but sick and perhaps dying animals. You'll be spending way more on vet fees than you'll ever get from selling the animals - if you even can.

I'd give way more thought to this project before starting a website filled with typos.

I'm not trying to insult you, but I really doubt you've put much thought into this. This isn't a "oh! lots of people will bring me their high-end animals that I can spend 10$ of vet fees on and then sell for thousands." type of thing. Much of what you get, you won't be able to sell for a profit, if at all.

However, if you have the funds and proper facilities to back it, not to mention time, manpower and lots of experience, then go for it. Lots of unwanted animals need homes.

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