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Wow, by the time I replied to Steve, 6 more messages were posted!

Jeff: Relax, I'm a smart gal, that's why I *** the store name! =)

To ReverendSterlin: Mark and Xyavyer are good friends of mine. As a matter of fact, they sold me my first two leopard geckos years before they had their shop! Those men take the absolute best care of their animals that I have ever seen, and I think credit is deserved where it is due! I use the same vet as them, and would trust the life of any of my animals in their hands. They've gone so far to help me with the many rescues I've had and I can't thank them enough.

As for the pet store in question, I plan on referring the manager to them to see what it means to REALLY care for animals. I know the turnover rate is high in these stores, that's why I've been trying to get myself employed there for 3 years. I don't even like the store, but I figure if I were in charge of their care they'd be better off, and I'd have a more than-satisfying job!

If you want to meet up sometime that would be cool... I'm just outside of Albuquerque, in Rio Rancho. E-mail me sometime and we'll get something going!

Randolph: Maybe you can take the time to talk to the problem pet stores in your area, if there is a coorporate office or an owner you can talk to, I'm sure they'd be willing to listen. If they don't, at the very least, the last thing you could do is contact the Humane Society and let them know what is going on. They should be able to help you and the reptiles. Don't give up! I've been on 'my' petstore now for 3 years!!!!!!

And Steve (again) LOL occasionally I have been called by petstores to pick up reptiles, but this happens very rarely. The petstores know that if an animal is sick they have few options... (1.) return the animal to wherever it came from;
(2.) sell the animal as it is;
(3.) try to save the animal and sell it;
(4.) give the animal to someone who cares (almost never happens)
(5.) let the animal die a miserable, painful death in front of the public (most always happens).

What is most sad is that they would rather leave a sick animal on display for the public to see and try to sell it regardless, then give it to someone who can try to save it, and place it in an experienced home. Sometimes I wonder just how messed up and insincere we humans have become... I have saved animals from this particular store before and I've had a lot of success and failures. I even bought two tokay geckos 1yr. and a half ago because they were in such bad shape. The female required hospitialization for a few days, then eventually died less then a month later. The male was strong and lived for a few months but just couldn't hang on, I guess. I know by buying them I made space for more sick reptiles to come in... but if you had only seen their sad, pathetic, lifeless faces maybe you would have done the same. I have a little more control today... but not a lot. Thanks for all the support, it really means a lot to me!
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