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Thanks, Steve, I really hope it's not a scam. Personally, I considered going down to the petstore after speaking with the manager to see what the current conditions are. I don't want them to 'tidy up' before I have a chance to show them what animals are sick, which animals shouldn't be housed together, etc.

This particular store has major problems with iguanas, tokay geckos, anoles, fire-bellied toads, fat-tailed and leopard geckos. Many of their animals are STILL wild-caught (I guess they want to save $$$). When there are 10 creatures to a cage, and some are large, some small, the public gets the idea that it's okay to do this. They also think the inter-species and same sex situations are ok. Animals being housed on unappropriate substrate, etc. Well they're not and I hope they take me seriously.

I've been rehabilitating reptiles such as theirs for almost 7 yrs. now so I'm not just a casual observer, and I let him know that. I hope this prompts everyone to do the same in their areas (if there is a problem, of course), and I will let you guys know how it goes down tomorrow! Thanks again!
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