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Okay... so I was taking out Legend my p. ornata (fringed ornamental tarantula) to hold him/her and take a few pics. Well, I decided that the bathroom had the best light. I go in and take about 5 pics... next thing I know Legend jumps off of my hand and into the sink, then quickly crawls down the drain !!!! I tried to grab him/her, but instead got it's leg and it pulled off (Hey, I tried... I really didn't mean for that to happen). I should've known. I mean, it IS an ORNAMENTAL!! My mistake

I was really sad. I know it was just a tarantula, but it was MY tarantula. And I still loved it a lot! I called up my buddies John and Alan (since Mike was at Home Depot ) and they comforted me.

So like this morning I wasn't thinking about it and just walts right into my bathroom to put my contacts in and such as usual. And there Legend is!! Just sitting in the sink under the plastic container (smart, right?? I put it there just incase, and lookie at what happened!)!!! I was extatic and pulled the thingy to close the sink hole then grabbed the lid under the sink and smoothly slid it under the container. I am sooooo freakin happy ... I thought I had lost him/her!!!

So yay!!!! Legend is back at home, safe and sound. But, there's only one problem. His/her leg is broken off. What can I do about something like that?

Thanks for reading <<< see, I told you I was happy! Or is it just because I drank a buncha MountainDew Code Red at school?? I swear that stuff makes me so hyper hahaha

Don't forget, Dr. Pepper still rocks!!
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