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hey lamanna, I would suggest to start out with a colubrid such as a king snake or a corn snake. They have great temperments, they're generally very pretty and they dont get too large (4-5 ft). They're expense is also pretty low since you dont need a heat lamp for most colubrid species. For my king I have him in a 20 gal long at the moment with a substrate heater that I only turn on during the winter nights, 2 hiding spots, and a piece of grapevine for him to climb on (king snakes need something to climb btw ) I'm upgrading him to a 29 gall which will last him the rest of his life.

Hope this helps!

PS: Be careful though, you cant stop with just one! I'm gettin a python sometime hopefully this month (Whenever the breeder decides the python is ready to go )
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