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Tara Garratt
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Pet store suggestions

Thanks to everyne who suggested pet stores I could visit in Edmonton. I got to P.J.'s and a PetsMart. Next time I will try to get to more of them. I did not have as much time to look around as I thought I might have (I spent more tme than I intended visiting my broth-in-law at the hospital).

Although I did not buy anything, I was amazed at the number of creatures I saw. I actualy saw real live chameleons who looked somewhat healthy and were moving (nosy b and veiled). I saw a Knighted Cuban Gecko that was really interesting. The bearded dragons were adorable--I almost impuse bought, but I know better. There was a beautiful California Kingsnake (black and white) that I have thought a lot about. I got to see an adult White's tree frog (if mine ever get well they might someday look like the one I saw). To say the least I was amazed. I appeciate the time people took to suggest pet shops. When I am back in Edmonton (either in the summer or sooner if my brother-in-law gets his transplant) I will get to Reptile Gallery.

I would also like to publically thank Mary & Perry V. for having Kevin and I over to their house. I am so glad we were invited, and extremely glad we went. Your snakes are beautiful and your hospitality was most appreciated.

Tara Garratt
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