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Hey all...
I am having to get rid of all my reptiles and stuff for personal reasons...
It sucks, but, I gotta do what I gotta do. Anyway, thanks everyone who has answered my questions, sold me stuff, helped me in some way or another, chated with me, asked me questions... Everything about the whole bloody hobby.
Well, I am selling all my stuff (on classifieds). And probably after that, I will stop visiting ssnakess, unfortunately. I would love to stay around and answer what questions I can, and stick aroudn wtih you guys, but, I find it rather useless if I have no reptiles or bugs...
I really loved the hobby, and the whole ssnakess community.

I came on here a jackass with a reptile and some bugs, and I leave as a jackass with no reptiles or bugs. I really thank you all!
Dan Conner
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