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thEmAdhaTtEr is right.... Any reptile could get nippy if you don't pay attention to it not saying that you wont pay attention to it. But i think if i was you i would look into getting a ball python for a snake or a Uromastyx for a lizard. They both are quite easy to care for if you know what you are doing and they don't get to be monsters in size. But if you dont have the time for them don't get them. Put it this way if you got a dog and only payed attention to it once in a while it would not really get to know you. And you would not really get to know it so with that you would never really know if that dog would bite you or not and i think that it is the same with a reptile. You say that your iggy is nasty but with the time and attention it would tame down but with out the attention it will always be a nasty iggy. So with this i hope that if you get a new herp that you will find the time to give it the attention that it need's and provide it with everything it need's to stay a healthy reptile good luck.
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