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how you know when your an expert.....


i have another issue that i wouldn't mind discussing. There are people in the reptile industry that call themselfs "experts" but what is an expert?

to me an expert is someone who has successfully keep different species of the reptile/amphibian that they work with. the keeper was able to keep different species that come from different enviroments with no problems. They have also successfully bred most of there species and was able successfully raise the offspring with no difficulties. An expert can also admit that they do not know everything when it comes to the type of reptile that they keep, this part alot of people have problems admitting. But there is always information that will be new to you.

personally people think i am an experienced keeper when it comes to dart frogs, but i keep the species that are like as easy as keeping leopard geckos compaired to some other species. but i think i am a novice keeper because all i have in knowledge and experienc with keeping my frogs.

see to me if you think your an expert in keeping reptiles (as in most) you should be able to acquire something new that would be a challange to most people and keep it with no problems. With this fact there are very few people who would be considered a expert in reptiles.

to conclude i will have to say that if your going to classify yourself most people who classify themselfs as a experienced or interdediate keeper. but personally i believe that most people are intermediate keepers.

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