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Certain morphs occur naturally in the wild & it was orginally wild caught animals that are resonsible for all the various morphs you see today. Mind you they have been geneically manipulated every which way to become the morphs that they are & most of them don't occur naturally in the wild the way that they appear today. Albinos etc. usually don't survive very well in the wild as they stand out like a sore thumb to predators etc. whereas their "normal" colored siblings blend in quite well to the natural surroundings. Hybrids are a touchy subject for "purists", that is people who like to see things kept natures way, but we are MAN & we like to mess with every creature we encounter for some reason (because we can???) Some hybrids such as Jungle Corns/Kings the offspring can successfully reproduce also, but in a lot of cases you just end up with a bunch of "mules", hybrid animals that are sterile (not able to reproduce). Hope this answers a few questions. Mark I.
P.S. I will have both reg. JC's (100% het for albino) & Albino JCs available in the next couple of months.

Here's an example pic:
<center><img src=""width="600">
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