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OK folks you asked for em, here's what snakes I am currently working with:
1.1 Woma Pythons (2002's)
1.1.8 Children's Pythons (had 10 hatchlings 2 sold 8 to go)
1.0 Coastal Carpet Python (2002)
0.1 Coastal/Jungle Carpet X Python (breed next year)
1.1 BP's 100% het for albino (2002 & 2003)
0.3 BP's 50% pos het for albino (2002's)
0.1 BP (breed next year)
1.1 Eastern Indigos (eggs incubating)
0.1 Hogg Island Boa (2002)
1.1 Blonde Trans-Pecos Rats (breed next year)
1.1 Leusistic Texas Rats (breed next year)
1.1 Vietnamese Blue Beauties (eggs incubating)
2.3 Ghost Corns (eggs incubating & being laid as I type)
0.2 Snow Corns (eggs incubating, lost my male this year, DOH!)
1.1 Charcoal Striped Corns (females gravid, lay in 3 weeks?)
0.1 Amelanistic Striped Corn (eggs incubating was bred to Charcoal)
0.0.1 Motley Striped (normal) Corn (2002)
0.1 Talahasse Corn (50% pos het albino, 2002)
0.2 Amelanistic Corns (eggs incubating from breeding to Snow)
0.1 Amel Corn/Albino Jungle Corn X (2002)
2.0 Albino Jungle Corns
0.2 100% het albino Jungle Corns (2 clutches incubating, bred to Albino)
0.1 Jungle Corn (66% possible or 100% het? for albino, 2002)
0.1 Banded Cal-King (eggs incubating, was bred to Lavender)
1.1.1 Lavender Cal-Kings (eggs incubating)
1.0 Abberrant Cal-King (Crazy King)
0.1 Abberrant Albino CK (laying eggs as I type, bred to Crazy CK)
0.5 Albino Striped CKs (2 clutches incubating, I just sold my male)
1.1 Reg striped CKs (2002's)
1.1 Hi-Yellow Bananna CKs (2002s)
1.1 Ivory CKs (breed next year)
1.1 Mexican Milks (eggs incubating)
1.1 Sinaloan Milks (female gravid? I'll know in the next month)
1.1 Tarahumara Mountain Kings - Knoblochi (eggs incubating)
2.3 Greybanded Kings - Blairs (3 clutches incubating)

I think thats it for snakes, but some come & go. I just sold 4 Corns & a Tarantula yesterday & have 2.3 CKs lined up to sell tomorrow.
The E.Indigos are joint owned by myself & Kyle (Kunimoto Reptiles).
I also have an Albino & a Reg. Pac-Man Frog & a Lobster that live in the snake room.
Then theres 2 fish tanks, a small 5g filled with various freshwater shrimps, snails & dwarf catfishes & the 66g with my Tiger Dataniod (spelling), Delhezi Bicher, Fresh Water Lionfish (also known as a Toadfish), Malaowai (sp) Eye Biter Cichlid, Jewel Cichlid, Apple Snails & of course a pleco.
I have plenty to take care of now + hopefully 200-300 baby snakes on route, WOO HOO! Mark IsBell - GONE SNAKEE! :grab:

P.S. to anyone who reads this & gets any "funny ideas" the signs on my back door read as follows: "We Don't Call 911" (a handgun is pictured) & "There Is Nothing In Here Worth Losing Your Life Over" & I practice what I preach! Mark I.
Mark's GONE SNAKEE! working with select Colubrids (Corns, GB Kings, EIs) and Woma Pythons
All stock parasite free and established on F/T prey. No PMs please email at

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