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Well in my reptile room it can get real worm in the 80's but at night sometime's it cool's right down. But i guess what i really want to know is if it is ok to leave him in the Rubber-maid is that fair for the the snake or do you think he would be happyer in a tank set up. I have never used the Rubber-maids before to house snakes even snakes i get in to sell i make sure that they have a nice little home set-up.
But i hear of more and more people useing Rubber-maid's to house snake's as of now he has in his Rubber-maid set-up there is branches and plant's ECT. I use news paper bedding with him as i was told that it is ok to use for Blood's. When i got i put him in a tank and he seemed not to like it to much but it might of been because it was all new to him?. He seem's to be doing fine in the Rubber-maid but i just like the best for my reptile's I am into Burm's mostly and they live better then i do some people think lol but like i said before this is my first Blood and i know they need different care then burm's. So any help i get i thank you
eveything every one has said in this post has helped me out lot's thanks again
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