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Okay here's the deal... if I sold ALL my herps and supplies I would probably have more than and/or about $2000 - $4000 right now. I spent about $240 shipped on my first black blood python about 3 or 4 months ago and it died!!! So I bought another for $235 shipped. See how much money us reptile fans spend on only our herps?? It's crazy! That's why I try to look for all the deals, make a few friends, and voila!... now because I do that I get to buy an indigo snake for around $200 instead of $400 - $500. Amazing, isn't it?

Now monthly, it only depends on how much food I buy, when I need it, etc. Like I could buy at least 150 rats for my snakes and spend $200 one month, but get to wait 6 more months before buying more. So in between that time I can save up money, but also at the same time get to buy more reptile supplies or whatever I want. It's all a matter of logic.

I'm not sure if that was what this post was about but hey, I added it anyway
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