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The following is a list of my personal collection as well as some examples of my inventory available for sale
4.3 columbian boa
0.1 'peach phase' columbian boa
2.0 albino boa
0.1 salmon boa
2.1 central american boa
1.2 hogg island boa
1.1 amazon tree boa
1.0 sand boa
2.2 rosy boa
1.2 coastal carpet python
2.1 jungle carpet python
1.1 irian jaya carpet python
2.1 spotted python
2.5 royal python
1.1 stripped phase albino cal king
1.0 banded phase albino cal king
1.1 south florida king
0.1 mexican king
1.0 durango mtn king
3.2 sinaloan milks
1.1 ivory king
1.0 high yellow king
several veiled chameleon
several beardies and leopards

Some remain forever..some come and go!!
Good luck to you all
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