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Don't know about a Malone's line but there were Maloney dogs that made a bit of a name for themselves - Maloney's 'Davis' (a great looking dog - maybe a bit leggier than what you describe as the parents of yours) and 'Toot' are both back in pedigrees - 'Toot' regarded as a very hard biting dog, 'Davis' less so. Davis sired the bitch 'Our Gal Sunday' and lines behind Maloney are predominately Williams, Tudors and Hubbard dogs. I am not up on recent APBT bloodlines and marketing gimicks, but the Maloney line is not as prominant as Colby and Tudor, so I doubt if it was just being used to make a sale. Regardless of pedigree, I am sure your new pup is just great - congrats

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