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Talking Little Ray's!!!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life! mom wakes me up at 1:30am on Satuday morning and asks if I want to go visit Little Ray's Reptile Zoo and of course I said yes. Only a day or two earlier, Joey had shown me the website.

So off we went to Ottawa (about a five hour drive) and when we got there I was NOT dissappointed. (Not that I was expecting to be )

We enter Ray's Reptiles. And my eyes are filled with crocodilians, snakes, lizards, tortoises and turtles. I'm amazed. So I whip out the camera and start taking pictures left, right and center. Off the top of my head, I saw, some Tree Boas, Honduran Milk Snake, Blood Python, Burmese Python, Reticulate Python, Green anaconda, garter snakes, tree frogs, tree vipers (one of my favourites), etc.

However, Joey had told me it was a hands on experience but I had yet to touch anything besides the large Tortoises...I felt a little sad. There was then a feeding demonstration with the monitors. "Shaggy" Shane was feeding them baby chicks. The last one he played with for a bit, not letting her have it, and it ended up splattering it's guts all over. It was hilarious...

So, because I was too shy to ask about the "hands on" part. We went to the gift shop and I was about to leave when the chick asked if we had held anything and we said "no". So she told us to go to this black fish tanked room and some other people went in too.

Shane came in and said hey and brought in the first animal we were going to hold. Her name was Rosy and she was a Rose Haired Tarantula! This was my first time holding a tarantula! I was all giddy! lol And of course, mom got pictures, and I got pics of mom holding it. Dad will **** his pants when he sees them. He's arachniphobic.

Next he brought out a caiman. We couldn't hold that one because it's a bit nippy and such. But I got to pet it.

I was having a great time, but my hearts desire was not yet met....that is, until he brought it the Burmese Python!

Now don't get my wrong, I love Montey to death. But she's small. I've never handled a large snake before and now was my chance. I was in bliss holding her and mom was taking tons of pictures. It was a great day. My entire day was made when I got to hold the Burmese.

So thanks go out to JOEY for showing me the website and telling me about it. And thanks go out to "Shaggy Shane" lol for being a great zoo host keeper thing! lol

I'll post pics when I get them developed

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