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Krok, your mom has a tiger!? Does it wander around in her house? I love em but I'm not brave enough to own one as a pet, unless it's behind a cage Plus, I'd probably need a bigger back yard for the tiger to roam.
..It use to wonder the housewhen it was a small creature but now he'd knock everything over and probably try to eat my kitten.. He's now living with a hybrid dog in a 4oo sq. foot enclosure that is 10' high.

Also, I heard Day geckos are called day gecko cuz they're up during the day. Does anyone know how active these are? I've never seen one in person

..I heard that they were called day geckos because they are one of few Diurnal species as well. I use to keep a Madagascar giant day, and moved when I wasnt around but eveytime I was in the same room he'd stay right where he is until I left..

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