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Agua Demon - I understand your point of view... I really do. BUT, what I think you are not 'getting' from the rest of us is this: Car accidents, even dog attaks, etc. are accidental and hard to prevent and predict. We are just trying to say the parents in this case appeared to have full knowledge of the species they were keeping, and knowingly kept these dangerous snakes around young children (in a reportedly unsecured environment).

Sure, we've all had something escape on us; wether it be a harmless gecko or a hot... the bottom line is this: responsible owners will actively search for the animal, and if it is dangerous, as in this case, remove persons (not directly involved with the snakes) from harm until the creature has been found, (i.e., not take a 'Devil May Care' attitude towards the situation).

I also want to add that, until you die from a dog attack, a car accident AND a snake bite, can you sit here and tell someone which was worse, and more painful because I truely believe that answer resides in the particulars. I repect you for giving your honest opinions, despite the criticizims, and hopefully you'll repect and understand ours. If this story had not involved such young and vulnerable children, our opinions would surely be different.

I think I can speak for most of us in saying that, we, as herp keepers, don't need irresponsible herpers in this world making it harder for us to enjoy and keep our own precious pets. There is already tons of responsibility related to their care; some animals require permits and special education with them just to own them. We want people to repect our pets as much as we do, not look at stories such as these and assume we are all uncaring keepers!
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