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Re: I'm outtie!

Ok I'm confused now.

first we have Damien saying this...

Originally posted by Damien Aube
We sold the store to my partner. I highly recomend avoiding it if you want to talk herps, poor Angela knows very little.
I've gotten out the pet industry for good!!!!!!

And then this....

Originally posted by Damien Aube
In reply to Damien,
"POOR ANGELA", that's my wife Is doing very well thankyou. General consensus seems to be that we have done well reorganising the store, getting the animals (snakes & all) into better pens & conditions. But don't take our word for it, ask our customers, who by the way have been great
Thanks to you all!
Is Damien 2 people and confused or did some one post under the wrong name?
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