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From hots to tarantulas, please !

Think I need some help here. If you've followed the "hots" discussion you'll know I turned down getting a tarantula when I was told it was lethal to my kids. The same person said that if my heart was set on an arachnid to get an emperor scorpion. I was told their venom was milder then a bee. I did research the scorp & believe it to be true. Now I'm being told the tarantula is OK , too. I'm fairly new here but value your opinions & read almost every thread. I would love any tarantula help you all can give me. If you can get web site addresses or care sheets to me that would be great. I am interested in the Zebra & Rosehair ones (& in the scorp now , too !!). It would be wonderful to learn that I can get both. TKS , everyone !! Dar
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