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We can't protect kids from everything... no matter how hard you try, you'll never get them to pass a law against dogs or against cars. I mean, you'd have to keep a kid locked up in a padded room and feed is mush in a soft plastic bowl for it to be completely safe forever - and even then!
Yes, dogs kill a lot of people - kids and adults. Yes, car accidents are terrible things and so many people die each week. But those are unavoidable, unless we reduce the speed limit to 10 mph and have half-sedated dogs all the times.

But this is different, keeping a venomous snake within reach of children (children have no fear, they don't understand their own mortality) is like keeping a loaded gun in your kid's drawer, or a jar of bright-coloured cynide pills, or putting a "ricin shaker" beside the salt shaker. It's just plain irresponsible. This is something you CAN protect your kid from - and as a parent have the responsibility to! Just as you teach your kids to look both ways before they cross the street, never to pet a dog they don't know, you DON'T KEEP HOTS IN A HOUSE WITH KIDS. It's plain old common sense that should tell you that.

I mean, if, IF a person had a kid who was well aware of the dangers, and kept their hots in a locked room in 200% escape-proof locked cages, then it might start being acceptable, but under any other circumstance no.

Boas and hots are not the same. Boas are docile, they usually only bite at food or if they are afraid. Hots are different, they are smaller (often), faster (when they strike), and they know they are venomous, they know that's how they protect themselves from a bird swooping down or from a child's grabby hands.

Oh, dogs tend to go straight for the throat, whereas some hot bites are VERY painful. Swelling, burning, pain... Heck, some bites cause your skin to "melt" off.

In conclusion, I agree with pretty much all that has been posted saying it was irresponsible.

lol, I always get a kick out of bond movies where they put a tarantula on his bed to try and kill him, and he has to maneovre his was out so the tarantula won't bite him with it's fatal venom.
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