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Hmmmm Hot snake loose with kid's(bad spot to be in) Children having none or very little fear of snakes(till we teach them to be afraid of them or respect and admire them)This is a very bad situation as a young child will think nothing of picking up a snake(I have seen this numerous times with toddlers and wild garter snakes)With no antivenon close it is a perscription for death and suffering.You never said what kind of snake it was(for a child almost all of them are deadly with out a.v.) and even with a.v. there are no promices either.

Good for you you quite probably saved two children from a sad fate(the snakes will pay the price though which is wrong but probably unavoidable now)There is no excuse for the escape of a hot (Brian Smith will I hope jump on this one)It is one of the biggest fears of the hot keeper(the professional ones anyway) and they go to great lengths to avoid it at all costs.An 8 foot python or boa is far less a risk to a child Than a cobra or even a copper head for that matter.I am still shuddering at the thought of a hot loose in that house.

Hey hot keepers What do you all think on this one?

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