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I would think that a loose hot is worse than constrictor but like I said Im a paranoid mom. Heck now that I think of it if they had a free roaming burmese with the kids in the house Id be tempted to make the phone call as well. Ive heard quite a few times how people lose their snakes and then find them curled up in bed sleeping with the owners. Now with the snakes I have now would that scare me? no I only have 2 BPs and a 3 foot columbian. I would consider myself lucky to find them in my bed and put them back in their enclosures and go back to sleep. Now with a hot Id probably soil the sheets and start praying. If it were my kid Id never be able let myself live it down.

By the way comparing it to a dog is crazy and if a dog with that sorta potential to kill is roaming around the house once again the parents need their head checked and the kids should be taken somewhere safe.

Most court systems want the kids with the parents they know shuffling kids here and there isnt good for them. Like Boidlover said....
so I called social services on them and they had their kids taken away with orders that they would NOT have them back until the hots were gone..
So there shouldnt be a problem. Basically they just need to get their priorities in order.
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