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Aqua disrespect, but are you nuts? This is a venomous that is out in a house where carefree children reside. I do not see how you compare a hot bite with no antivenom to a car victim or a boa being loose. This is like having a loaded pistol lying on the ground and a child grabbing it.
I think that any responsible hot owner would ensure no escaping, and do so not in the house where their children reside.
I have absolutely no respect for herpers that are totally careless, and would put their kids, or anyone for that fact, in jeopardy for a hot.
There are many responsible hot keepers out there, and many do it with absolute respect for the animals, with caution and proper handling. It is the carefree herpers that screw things up for those who have worked so hard to get where they have in regards to community respect.
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