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And all of you critisize them saying their badd parents or bad herp owners you have no right to call them this you no nothing about them we've all had escaped snakes dont blame or critisize them for a mistake we've all made or eventually will that doest make them badd anything, but keeping no antivenom is stupid it shouldt be the hospitals responsibility but that doest make them altogether horrible herp keepers just inexpericened and it deffinetly doest make them badd parents so dont call them that that horrible a way to strong even ask unknown how she would feel if called a horrible pet owner for accidently having a herp escape. And you think you saved the kids life well maybe not and think of what that whole family is going through now that they have been ripped apart youve put a scar on those kids that will never heal i think you didt think of the full impact your little phone call could have haved just my two cents but like i said in your posision i think i would have called to i would have been to scared for the children but that doest make it right.
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