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Victoria, hopefully it's just "goopy eye" and just needs to be wiped out. With those bug eyes, you have to be very careful with pug's eyes. They get hair, lint, dust, etc in their eyes constantly and make "goopies" (for lack of a better word). You have to be careful with their eyes because they get scratched too. The one on the right in our picture has really bug eyes and a very flat nose and she has gotten a scratch on each eye while playing. Fortunately, neither of the other two have quite as buggy eyes or as flat a nose, so no scratches on their eyes. You have to keep the folds of skin on their face clean too.

Get ready, your baby will need lots of attention from her new mommy. They are just like human babies, but never get past about a 2-year-old. I might get a little irritated sometimes when they are being bad, but then I sit down and they all pile on me to give me kisses and snuggles and, of course, snarts in the face, and the irritation just melts away.

Helena, your pugs are beautiful, that puppy is adorable. Where's the pic of the third one?

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