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Well no matter which way, you will need SOME rubber or plastic. First you need to dig a big enough hole in the ground. Buy some rubber pond liner and just gently pat it around the sides of the hole. Make sure that there is a bit of liner on the edge and out of the pond because then you need to put big rocks on it to hold it down. Fill the pond up with water and then find a place to put your filter in. No matter what people say, YOU MUST HAVE A FILTER unless you are willing to spend 13 hours a day picking out leaves etc. So put your filter in the water and dig some wholes underground for the wires. You will need an extension cord but they must be at least two feet underground or else qhatever animal goes in the pond will get electricuted. Trust me...I made that mistake once!! Buy lots of water plants and stuff and plant them in and around the pond. (Oh yeah...make sure that the pond is in the shade or else the water will overheat and kill the animals...I made that mistake too once!) Let the water sit for a week. By then you can monitor any problems, the water can dechlorinate and the plants can grow firmly into the ground so that a swimming animal won't knock them down. Hope this helps!
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