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I dont know anything about hots but I do know i would never keep them with my daughter around. Now Im not saying that anyone else with kids shouldnt, I am just a paranoid mom. I can just picture my daughter sneeking in the tank getting bit then being afraid to tell me cause she may get into trouble for getting into things shes not supposed to be and dieing before I figure out what had happened. And they had a 1 year old? Heck that baby cant tell them whats wrong by the time they'd figure out that it doesnt need a bottle or a diaper change its too late. See paranoid mom
I dont know how anyone could just let one wander around after escaping with out a care in the world for themselves or their kids. Id be freaking out and tearing the house apart I sure as heck wouldnt sleep there without recovering it first! Heck if I had to Id call in exterminators hell my childs life is worth a hell of alot more than any snakes.
Nah you were in the right. That hot was putting the kids there in danger and the parents should have known that and dealt with it responsibly by finding the snake or housing the kids somewhere else until it was safe. That sort of irresponsibility ticks me off kids shouldnt have to be afraid to reach under the couch for a toy they've lost or be escoreted from room to room because something may bite them. Heck I have enough problems with "monsters" I think that would put my kid thru the roof.
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